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Hans van der Pol, PhD

Sirius Consultancy

Our mission: 

Sirius Consultancy International (SCI) is based in The Netherlands and operates internationally. We believe that shifting from fossil-based to bio-based is an important contribution towards making the future more sustainable and purposeful.

Our vision:

SCI creates value for its clients by developing business options through deployment of fact-based information, proven strategy development methods and experience with the entire business development process.

Trends in the biobased economy

Innovation in biotechnology and green chemistry has encouraged the developments of economic routes to both conventional and new materials. Biobased and biodegradable plastics, formulation ingredients and chemicals are produced from a variety of biological feedstocks, such as sugar, lignocellulose or gases. Also, the market place for biobased and biodegradable materials is evolving rapidly and the landscape is ever changing.

The Biobased Economy is a broad field, with numerous developments. These range from chemical technology to white biotechnology, from agricultural feedstocks to biofuels and from chemicals to bioplastics. It also includes the fields of protein transition and specialty ingredients, such as enzymes and organic acids for food- and industrial applications. The quantity of information can be quite overwhelming. This is where Sirius Consultancy International comes in.

From technology to market

Based on solid understanding of technology, products, applications and market needs and on meaningful long-term relationships, SCI is operating across the globe with a strategic focus to bring innovations from technology to market and thereby creating, building and growing global business platforms.

Our promise: Independent information and advise

SCI offers a wealth of technical and business knowledge, while providing independent expertise and information. Firstly, SCI offers its services based on long-standing experience in the field. Secondly, SCI helps you make fact-based decisions. Thirdly, and most importantly, SCI provides insights to help you filter technical and business facts from the clutter.

Your trusted partner

SCI is your trusted strategy and implementation partner. As sounding board for investors, start-up, scale-up and high growth companies alike, SCI provides business development support in the biobased materials and chemicals industry based on fact-based information, making sure its clients are connected to the latest industry intelligence and help them to develop business strategies accordingly.

Exceeding expectations

Based on many years of combined experience in the field, SCI works based on the needs of its clients and focuses on accelerating business results.


SCI works hand in hand with its clients to open doors, generate leads and assess and develop new purposeful business opportunities. Services also encompass gathering market intelligence, developing go-to-market strategies and management coaching for scale-ups and high-growth companies, addressing business related dilemma’s strategic choices. Based on a solid network in the industry, SCI carries out technology scouting projects, feasibility studies and assists clients in developing a healthy product portfolio adressing both technology and business development aspects.

Perspective of the whole value-chain

SCI creates value across the bioproducts sector, with scale-ups, multinationals and investors amongst its clients, and through collaboration in networks with other consultants. SCI works with high-growth companies active in the manufacturing of biobased plastics, biobased chemicals and ingredients sector and with their customers and other value-chain partners developing end-uses and applications with these products.


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