Business Development

Improving the Overall Business Prospects

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization through partnerships, clients, and markets. Through hands-on involvement, and carefully connecting networks, Sirius Consultancy International assists its clients in developing business opportunities for the longer term.

We work together to get clarity about the future your company is going to create for its biobased products. We can work on your vision at the overall organizational level or at the business (unit) level. The overall results delivered are:  

     1. A clearly articulated vision that inspires your people to work on new ways to create value for customers.

     2. A shared vision because it was developed jointly. 

     3. A vision story that communicates what the future looks like, motivating people to contribute to making it happen. 


Business model options

Envisioning at the overall organizational level additionally results in the desired portfolio of businesses needed to achieve the bigger vision. We envision and design specific business model options for making your vision come alive. These options are visualized in a Strategic Roadmap that shows how these business models develop over time as well as the overall resources you need to get started and accelerate business model innovation and validation. The overall result is focus and commitment of your people and teams and a much higher return on your innovation efforts.