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Hans van der Pol, PhD

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Hans has a formal education and PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry (University at Utrecht) and subsequent education in Economics (Open University) and Business (Nyenrode Business University). Also he has been emplyed by various international companies, such as Akzo Nobel, Eastman Chemical, Purac and Corbion. In this way Hans has gained an exceptionally broad view of the biobased chemicals and plastics industries in diverse roles.  Examples are Product Development, Application- and Market Development as well as Strategic Business Development. In addition he fulfilled roles in R & D, Product- and Account Management, Strategic Marketing, Innovation Management, Venture Development and Strategy.

Hans has been a frontrunner in the Biobased Economy sector. From lignocellulosic feed-stocks to chemical value chains, chemical and fermentation processes, and from biobased chemicals to bioplastics, biotechnology and business strategy.

Besides experience in the bioplastics and chemicals industries, he has developed new biobased products and markets in such diverse industries as Micro-electronics, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Food Ingredients, Home Care, Industrial Cleaners, and Agrochemicals.

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