Biorefineries are boosting the bio-based industries across Europe

Flagship Biorefineries

Since 2014, Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has funded 11 flagship biorefineries in Europe,  leveraging €1.3 billion in private investments to support the design and construction of the biorefineries, creating 3,500 new direct jobs and 10,000 indirect ones. Projects that have received funding include FARMŸNG, Exilva Cellulose Fibrils, First2Run, AgriChemWhey, PEFerence, AFTER-BIOCHEM, SWEETWOODS, Plenitude, Resolute, abacus, and Lignoflag.




Lignin: a sustainable chemicals warehouse

What is lignin?

Lignin – which comes from the Latin word for wood – is what gives plants their shape and sturdiness. Functionally, lignocellulose biopolymers strengthen the cell wall of plants and are made of three main components. Cellulose and hemicellulose form a framework and the third component, lignin, is an adhesive that solidifies the cell wall.


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